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Communications of the Association for Information Systems

The primary role of a professional society is to facilitate communication among its members. Communications of the Association for Information Systems carries out this role by publishing articles on a wide range of subjects of interest to the membership, including but not limited to research results, debates, panel discussions, and other topics of interest to the global community.

Current Volume: Volume 40 (2017)


Panel Reports


The Sustainability Imperative in Information Systems Research
Stefan Seidel, Pratyush Bharati, Gilbert Fridgen, Richard T. Watson, Abdullah Albizri, Marie-Claude (Maric) Boudreau, Tom Butler, Leona Chandra Kruse, Indira Guzman, Helena Karsten, Habin Lee, Nigel Melville, Daniel Rush, Janet Toland, and Stephanie Watts


IS Research and Policy: Notes From the 2015 ICIS Senior Scholar’s Forum
Fred Niederman, Roger Clarke, Lynda Applegate, John Leslie King, Roman Beck, and Ann Majchrzak