Communications of the Association for Information Systems

Editor-in-Chief, CAIS

Jan Recker, The University of Cologne

CAIS Advisory Board

Gordon Davis, University of Minnesota

Ken Kraemer, University of California at Irvine

Lynne Markus, Bentley University

Richard Mason, Southern Methodist University

Jay Nunamaker, University of Arizona

H.G. Sol, University of Groningen

Hugh Watson, University of Georgia

CAIS Associate Editors

Steven Alter, University of San Francisco
Expertise areas: work systems, service systems, system development, workarounds, body of knowledge

Tanya Beaulieu, University of Maine
Expertise areas: crowdfunding, qualitative research, cloud computing, discourse analysis

Jean-Grégoire Bernard, Victoria University of Wellington
Expertise areas: IT innovation, digital entrepreneurship, online platforms & communities, digital business models, IT & changing nature of work

Tina Blegind Jensen, Copenhagen Business School
Expertise areas: digital transformation of work, organizing in a digital world, institutional structures and sensemaking practices, people analytics, healthcare IS

Indranil Bose, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
Expertise areas: business analytics and big data, information security, innovation management, emerging technologies, case studies

Tilo Böhmann, University of Hamburg
Expertise areas: service science, design science, cloud, architectures, service management

Jyoti Choudrie, University of Hertfordshire
Expertise areas: qualitative research, older adults and ICTs, online social networks, e-government, adoption, digital divide

Carina de Villiers, University of Pretoria
Expertise areas: use of ICT in higher education, teaching IS, ICT for development, qualitative research

Andreas Drechsler, Victoria University Wellington, Department Editor "Digital Design"
Expertise areas: IS/IT management, information security management, IT project management, agile project management, design science research

Tom Eikebrokk, University of Agder
Expertise areas: IT service management, process management, IT governance, IT in SMEs, IT performance measurement

Joerg Evermann, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Expertise areas: systems analysis and design, process management, quantitative analysis, methodology, integration

Mary Granger, George Washington Universityy, Department Editor "IS Education"
Expertise areas: pedagogy, interdisciplinary, cognitive, database systems, teaching cases

Petri Hallikainen, University of Sydney
Expertise areas: case study research, digitization, e-government, public sector, organizational adoption of IT

Nik Rushdi Hassan, University of Minnesota Duluth, Department Editor "History and Philosophy of Information Systems"
Expertise areas: IS history and philosophy, IS development and BPM, systems complexity, IS theory

Anders Hjalmarsson, University of Borås and Viktoria Swedish ICT
Expertise areas: digital innovation, open data, business process management, research methods, data analytics

Shuk Ying (Susanna) Ho, Australian National University
Expertise areas: e-commerce and mobile commerce, human computer interactions, web personalization, healthcare IS, IS education issues

Jonny Holmström, Umeå University
Expertise areas: digital innovation, digital transformation, digitalization, qualitative methods

Dirk Hovorka, University of Sydney, Department Editor "Digital Design"
Expertise areas: philosophy (of science/ technology), design and design science, theory development and integration, sustainability, non-dualist research orientations

Ming-Hui Huang, National Taiwan University
Expertise areas: e-commerce, artificial intelligence in service / marketing, e-marketing, IT service, IT strategy

Damien Joseph, Nanyang Technological University
Expertise areas: IT professionals, IT competencies, IT careers, IT compensation, meta-analysis

Gustaf Juell-Skielse, Stockholm University
Expertise areas: digital innovation, enterprise systems, e-government, automation, service systems

Iris Junglas, Florida State University
Expertise areas: green IS, mobile technology, quantitative, technology innovation, analytics

Julie Kendall, Rutgers University
Expertise areas: qualitative tools for systems analysts, use of metaphors for IS research and systems development, open source and organizational engagement

Young Jin "YJ" Lee, University of Denver
Expertise areas: business analytics in online social media and mobile commerce, online social networks analysis, economics of IS

Alvin Chung Man Leung, City University of Hong Kong
Expertise areas: IT business value, information security, business analytics, econometrics of IS, social networks

Kent Marett, Mississippi State University
Expertise areas: deception, phishing, green IS

Oliver Müller , IT University of Copenhagen
Expertise areas: business analytics, big data, machine learning, text analytics, decision support systems

Fred Niederman, Saint Louis University
Expertise areas: team, philosophy, theory building, IS personnel, IS project management

Eric Ngai, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Expertise areas: decision support systems, RFID, IoT, blockchain technologies, logistics and supply chain management

Christoph Peters, University of St. Gallen and University of Kassel, Department Editor "Panel Reports"
Expertise areas: service innovation, service systems, business models, digital work (esp. crowdwork), telemedicine / e-health

Jackie Rees Ulmer, Iowa State University
Expertise areas: information security, risk assessment, risk management, machine learning, genetic algorithms, analytics

Johan Sandberg, Umeå University
Expertise areas: digital innovation, digital transformation, platform ecosystem, digital strategy, qualitative methods

Ali Sunyaev, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Expertise areas: design science, design theories, health IT, critical information infrastructures, software systems

Mary Tate, Victoria University of Wellington
Expertise areas: IS value, service science, HRM, quantitative methods, scale development

Mathieu Templier, Université Laval
Expertise areas: research methods, literature review, IT-supported open innovation, business analysis, IT adoption

Thompson Teo, University of Singapore
Expertise areas: alignment, sustainability, adoption of technology, competitive advantage, e-government

Devinder Thapa, University of Agder
Expertise areas: ICT4D, theory of affordances, information systems security, critical realism, qualitative (interpretative case studies)

Heikki Topi, Bentley University, Department Editor "IS Education"
Expertise areas: IS curriculum development, IS competency models, computing education, enterprise systems usability, systems analysis and design methodologies

Anthony M. Townsend, Iowa State University
Expertise areas: virtual teams / networks, privacy and security from a managerial / organizational behavior perspective, agile project management, personnel in IT, IT consumption and adoption

Tuure Tuunanen, University of Jyväskylä, Department Editor "Digital Design"
Expertise areas: information systems, software engineering, marketing, service science, service innovation, design and development, digital and cyber physical services, design science

Frank Ulbrich, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Expertise areas: IT-enabled management ideas, shared services, conceptual modeling, qualitative research, case methods

John Venable, Curtin University, Department Editor "Debate Section"
Expertise areas: design science research, problem analysis and solving, organizational change, knowledge management, research paradigms and methods

Eric Walden, Texas Tech University
Expertise areas: neuro IS, neuro science, genetics, evolution, fMRI

Lauri Wessel, University of Bremen
Expertise areas: digital health management, digital transformation, qualitative methods, process research, design science research

Jennifer Xu, Bentley University
Expertise areas: business intelligence and big data, social network analysis, fin tech, online community, human-computer interaction

Yajiong Xue, East Carolina University
Expertise areas: IT innovation, IT management, strategic management of IT, IT governance, healthcare IS

Administrative Personnel

Roman Zeiss, Managing Editor, The University of Cologne

Adam LeBrocq, Copyeditor, The Association for Information Systems


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