Journal of the Association for Information Systems


Exploring what makes Internet customers satisfied is perhaps one of the most important challenges facing customer relationship managers in this decade. It is important because prior studies suggest that happy customers make repeat purchases and develop brand loyalty. However, there is not enough accumulated knowledge to understand specifically the determinants of customer satisfaction in Internet commerce. To more accurately understand the determinants that may enhance a customer's satisfaction with their Internet shopping experience, this study looks at the customer's commitment value and examines its relationships with the customer's satisfaction. Commitment value is defined as a total value perception from a buyer and is composed of three components: sociopsychological, economic, and product values. The results from this study show that the sociopsychological value (i.e., shopping enjoyment and convenience in purchasing) and the product value (i.e., product quality) contribute significantly to the attainment of customer satisfaction. The economic value (i.e., reduction of time spent in Internet shopping), however, has no significant positive impact on customer satisfaction. Explanations are presented along with the implications.





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