Journal of the Association for Information Systems
Editor-in-Chief: Dorothy E. Leidner, University of Virginia, USA
JAIS is pleased to announce the 2022 Best Paper Awards.
Best Paper Award Winner:
In the Backrooms of Data Science - Elena Parmiggiani, Thomas Osterlie, and Petter Almklov

Best Paper Honorable Mention Awards:
Does it Pay to Have CIOs on the Board? Creating Value by Appointing C-Level IT Executives to the Board of Directors - Nikhil Bandodkar and Varun Grover
On the Design of and Interaction with Conversational Agents: An Organizing and Assessing Review of Human-Computer Interaction Research - Stephan Diederich, Alfred Benedikt Brendel, Stefan Morana, and Lutz Kolbe

JAIS congratulates authors Dionysis Demetis and Jan Kietzman for being recognized with a 2022 AIS Best Publication Award for their JAIS publication Online Child Sexual Exploitation: A New MIS Challenge

JAIS congratulates Xiao Xiao, Copenhagen Business School, for receiving the Outstanding Review Award for 2022

JAIS congratulates Nancy Lankton, Marshall University, for receiving the Outstanding Associate Editor Award for 2022

JAIS is pleased to announce a Special Issue Call for Papers:
Digital Responsibility: Social, Ethical and Ecological Implications of IS - Submissions due November 3, 2023

Current Issue: Volume 24, Issue 2 (2023)



The Backstory of “An Adversarial Dance”
Dorothy E. Leidner, A J. Burns, and Puzant Balozian



Understanding Engagement in Online Health Communities: A Trust-Based Perspective
Regina Connolly, Otavio P. Sanchez, Deborah Compeau, and Fabiana Martins de Souza Tacco


Theorizing about the Early-Stage Diffusion of Codependent IT Innovations
Srikanth Parameswaran, Rajiv Kishore, Xuanhui Yang, and Zhenyu Liu


Be Together, Run More: Enhancing Group Participation in Fitness Technology
Zilong Liu, Xuequn Wang, Xin (Robert) Luo, Xiaolong Song, Na Liu, and Yuan Zhang