Journal of the Association for Information Systems
Editor-in-Chief: Dorothy E. Leidner, Baylor University USA


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**Special Issue Call for Papers: Envisioning Digital Transformation – Advancing Theoretical Diversity

Current Issue: Volume 21, Issue 3 (2020) Special Section: Accumulation and Evolution of Knowledge in Design Science Research (pp. 520-544, 664-810)




Tapestries of Innovation: Structures of Contemporary Open Source Project Engagements
Matt Germonprez, Matt Levy, Julie E. Kendall, and Kenneth E. Kendall


A Design Theory for Visual Inquiry Tools
Hazbi Avdiji, Dina Elikan, Stephanie Missonier, and Yves Pigneur


Accumulating Design Knowledge: A Mechanisms-Based Approach
Hannes Rothe, Lauri Wessel, and Ana Paula Barquet