Journal of the Association for Information Systems


We propose a socially informed explanation of technology framing by examining technology “buy-in”—actors’ relative susceptibility to such framing. We draw on the field of critical social theory to introduce the “Logics,” a new framework to the IS discipline that reveals a performative relationship between collective framing, power, and affect. The Logics enable us to study buy-in by revealing the differing degrees of affective self-identification that underpin and color social practices, showing their inherently political nature. We exemplify the affective as well as social politics of buy-in with an account of Unity 3D, a market-leading game engine that underwent a major repositioning from “fringe” to “mainstream” markets, and discuss four poles of affective positioning with which to conceptualize technology buy-in. We conclude by highlighting the consequent need for greater political and ethical awareness about the framing of IS and by proposing a framework for conceptualizing actors’ orientations toward and thus possible buy-in or resistance to technology framing.





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