Journal of the Association for Information Systems


Big data has received considerable attention from the information systems (IS) discipline over the past few years, with several recent commentaries, editorials, and special issue introductions on the topic appearing in leading IS outlets. These papers present varying perspectives on promising big data research topics and highlight some of the challenges that big data poses. In this editorial, we synthesize and contribute further to this discourse. We offer a first step toward an inclusive big data research agenda for IS by focusing on the interplay between big data’s characteristics, the information value chain encompassing people-process-technology, and the three dominant IS research traditions (behavioral, design, and economics of IS). We view big data as a disruption to the value chain that has widespread impacts, which include but are not limited to changing the way academics conduct scholarly work. Importantly, we critically discuss the opportunities and challenges for behavioral, design science, and economics of IS research and the emerging implications for theory and methodology arising due to big data’s disruptive effects.





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