Journal of the Association for Information Systems


Healthcare organizations are essentially associated with highly knowledge-intensive property, and hospital professionals are key to providing high-quality care to patients. KM-enabled performance for hospital professionals is the major concern of senior management. The literature has generally argued for a process-based approach for KM-enabled performance in which process capabilities mediate the link between knowledge resources and performance. According to the knowledge-based view, KM-enabled performance should be rooted in the identification of knowledge resources, including knowledge assets and capabilities. Further, the concept of dynamic capabilities defines an interaction feature between knowledge assets and capabilities. Next, KM-enabled performance is generally defined to include both financial and patient performance. Based on the dynamic capability view and the mediating role of process capability, this research thus proposes a novel research model for exploring KM-enabled performance for hospital professionals, which this includes three major components: interaction between hospital knowledge assets and capabilities, hospital process capabilities, and hospital performance. The empirical results indicate that the model of KM-enabled performance is well fitted with these components, and hospital professionals are closely associated with KM-enabled performance in providing high-quality care.





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