Journal of the Association for Information Systems


“Digitally connected enterprises” refers to e-business, global supply chains, and other new business designs of the Knowledge Economy; all of which require open and scalable information supply chains across independent enterprises. Connecting proprietarily designed and controlled enterprise databases in these information supply chains is a critical success factor for them. Previous connection designs tend to rely on “hard-coded” regimes, which do not respond well to disruptions (including changes and failures), and do not afford these enterprises sufficient flexibility to join simultaneously in multiple supply chain regimes and share information for the benefit of all. The paper develops a new design: It combines matchmaking with global database query, and thereby supports the interoperation of independent databases to form on-demand information supply chains. The design provides flexible (re-)configuration to decrease the impact of disruption, and proactive control to increase collaboration and information sharing. More broadly, the papers results contribute to a new Information System design method for massively extended enterprises, and facilitate new business designs using digital connections at the level of databases.





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