Journal of the Association for Information Systems


A recent study by Banerjee, Cronan and Jones (1998) proposed and tested an information technology (IT) ethics model. They found that personal normative beliefs, organizational ethical climate, and organization-scenario were significant indicators of ethical behavioral intention. Moreover, they found that factors affecting ethical intention are situational and depend upon the ethical dilemma. Further research was suggested and recommended, among other things, replications with different samples. The present study furthers the development/validation of the IT ethical model by utilizing a large sample of students in the same organizational climate (a university). Moreover, based on previous studies, gender is introduced to the model. The present study, as in previous studies, found that personal normative beliefs and scenario (situation) are indicators of ethical behavior intention. However, this study found that attitude toward ethical behavior, ego strength, relative preference for principled reasoning over conventional and pre-conventional reasoning, and gender are additional significant indicators of ethical behavior intention.





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