Welcome to the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2019 Conference. ICIS 2019 is held in Munich, Germany, December 15-18, 2019. The conference brings together information systems researchers from around the world to discuss cutting-edge research..

Conference Chairs
Helmut Krcmar
Jane Fedorowicz
Program Chairs
Wai Fong Boh
Jan Marco Leimeister
Sunil Wattal

ICIS 2019 Proceedings ISBN 978-0-9966831-9-7, this is for all tracks and all articles (excluding TREOs, Paper-a-thon, Panels and PDWs.)

Browse the contents of ICIS 2019 Proceedings:

Analytics and Data Science
Business Models and Digital Transformation
Crowds, Social Media and Digital Collaborations
Cyber-security, Privacy and Ethics of IS
Design Science Research
Digital Government and Smart Cities
Digital Learning Environment and Future IS Curriculum
DLT, Blockchain and FinTech
Economics and IS
General Topics
Governance, Strategy and Value of IS
Human Behavior and IS
Human Computer / Robot Interactions and Interfaces
Information Systems - The Heart of Innovation Ecosystems
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
IS Development and Implementation
IS in Healthcare
IS Research Methods, Theorizing and Philosophy of Science
Mobile, IoT and Ubiquitous Computing
Practice-Oriented IS Research
Professional Development Workshops (PDW)
Smart Service Systems and Service Science
Sustainable and Societal Impact of IS
The Future of Work