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The Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS), the flagship journal of the Association for Information Systems, publishes the highest quality scholarship in the field of information systems. It is inclusive in topics, level and unit of analysis, theory, method and philosophical and research approach, reflecting all aspects of Information Systems globally. The Journal promotes innovative, interesting and rigorously developed conceptual and empirical contributions and encourages theory based multi- or inter-disciplinary research.

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Call for Papers: Pre-ICIS Special Issue Workshop on Opportunities and Challenges of Blockchain Technology [Deadline: October 1st.,2017]

Call for Papers: Opportunities and Challenges of Blockchain Technology

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2015 JAIS Best Paper Award
Seeing for Understanding: Unlocking the Potential of Visual Research in Information Systems. Antonio Diaz Andrade, Cathy Urquhart, Tiru S. Arthanari

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Current Issue: Volume 18, Issue 8 (2017)



Do Shareholders Value Green Information Technology Announcements?
Rohit Nishant, Thompson S.H Teo, and Mark Goh


Effects of Animation on Attentional Resources of Online Consumers
Muller Y. M. Cheung, Weiyin Hong, and James Thong