Format Requirements for Journal of the Association for Information Systems

Prospective authors for JAIS publications should follow the JAIS Submission Style document and the APA 6th edition reference style .

Author Information

Articles are to be submitted to JAIS online review system http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jais.

The official language of the Journal of AIS is English. Therefore all submissions need to be checked and edited for correct English before submission. Submission to JAIS implies the authors' certification that the manuscript is not copyrighted and is not currently under review in any other journal or conference.

The bodies of articles may include text, tables, and figures only in order to ensure the widest accessibility even in less technologically endowed environments. The body of the article should represent a stand-alone document. If complex authors can opt to submit text, tables, figures, and appendices in separate files. Links and multimedia supplements should be included in one or more appendices.

To ensure validity of empirical studies and meta-analyses JAIS asks manuscripts which use SEM techniques to provide a full correlation matrix or covariation matrix as a part of articles (appendix). Editors and reviewers can ask authors to provide a complete dataset during the review for testing and validation of executed statistical analyses. In such cases, authors are expected to provide the dataset as a condition for publishing the article. See JAIS Data Policies.

To avoid any misunderstanding regarding originality of submission, the authors are expected to provide full information about authorship, pre-submission history, earlier related publications and necessary acknowledgements. During submission authors can nominate a Senior Editor and submit the names of two unbiased reviewers either from the editorial board or outside it whom they think are appropriate and capable for reviewing their manusctip. The senior editor managing the manuscript is not however, bound by such recommendations and can not guarantee that either of the proposed reviewers will be selected. The above information should be supplied in a cover letter.

Reviews in JAIS are double blind. Authors do not know who reviews their paper, and reviewers do not know the names of the authors. The editor knows the names of all involved. Therefore, the authors should write their submission and use referrences in ways which does not reveal their identity.

Authors should familiarize themselves with JAIS policies for Code of Research Conduct and Copyright.

Dean's Letter

Gordon Davis, President of AIS and Henry C. Lucas, Jr., Editor-in-Chief, of the AIS Electronic Journals have prepared a letter to Deans regarding the editorial policies of CAIS and JAIS. This letter can be printed and distributed to Deans and Promotion and Tenure Committee members by authors.

Letter to Deans [MS Word format] [HTML format]