Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems


This paper presents a descriptive review of the information system (IS) infusion literature and proposes a structured framework of factors influencing IS infusion. The IS infusion stage, the last stage of IS implementation, is associated with IS implementation success and evidence suggests the depth of IS use leads to increased efficiency and effectiveness. Despite the introduction of the IS infusion concept in the late 1980s, we observe only a small number of empirical studies that examine factors influencing IS infusion at an organizational and an individual level. In addition, some studies show conflicting results and there is no framework to organize previous studies in a meaningful way. We believe that a descriptive review is an appropriate approach at the current state of IS infusion literature. Given the importance of IS infusion, it seems timely to develop a structured framework detailing all the key factors influencing IS infusion found in the extant literature. The framework is drawn from factors derived from theories used in previous IS infusion studies, such as the technology organization environment theory and the theory of planned behavior, to classify different types of influencing factors namely organization, technology, task-job, firm environment and the individual factors. This review paper facilitates further theory development in the IS infusion domain by highlighting under-researched areas, suggesting future directions, and providing a reference source and a classified framework for IS researchers interested in IS infusion.

Available at: https://aisel.aisnet.org/pajais/vol8/iss1/2/