Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems

About This Journal

Overview of Journal

Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems (PAJAIS) is an AIS journal that focuses on enhancing the knowledge in information technology management with an emphasis on the research and development in the Asia Pacific Region. It is a quarterly journal that will publish high-quality organizational and technical research papers in information systems. To enhance communication of knowledge related to Information System and promote the readership of the journal, the editors of PAJAIS invite authors to submit their papers for publication. PAJAIS will cover both organizational and technical issues, with particular interests in topics pertaining to the Asia Pacific region. The Journal encourages multidisciplinary and nontraditional approaches. The language is English (American). All papers are blindly reviewed.

Topics of Interests

Topics suitable for publication in the Journal include but are not limited to the followings.

(1) IS Development in Asia Pacific:
for example, information systems in the Asia Pacific region and other developing countries, government information policies, cultural issues in information systems development, and privacy and other societal issues.
(2) Information System Theory and Research Methods:
issues include theoretical foundation of information systems, research methods, and philosophical aspects of information systems.
(3) Information Systems Development:
contents may be related to design and implementation of information systems, techniques for system analysis and design, object-oriented design and web services, rapid application development, and systems implementation and project management.
(4) Management of Information Systems:
this topic includes issues such as strategic planning of information systems, management of information systems, computer center management, adoption and diffusion of information systems, information systems outsourcing, and planning and evaluation of information systems projects.
(5) Technical Development in information systems:
issues include telecommunication infrastructure, artificial intelligence and data mining, tools and techniques for systems development, computer security, and modeling information systems processes
(6) E-business and other applications:
issues such as E-business and e-commerce, decision support systems, knowledge-based systems, mobile and location-based commerce, ERP and supply chain management, and Internet marketing and customized services are included.
(7) Group and Organizational applications:
this topic contains issues of group support systems, power and organizational aspects of information systems, organizational impact and organizational changes, business process re-engineering, and so on.
(8) Other topics related to Information Technology Application

Paper Submission

Authors are invited to submit original and unpublished papers. All manuscripts intended for publication must be written in English (American style). Submitted papers will be blind and peer reviewed on the basis of technical quality, relevance to information systems, originality, significance, and clarity. The style guide is available here. Papers should be submitted through the online submission system at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/pajais.