Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems


Background: Interactive data and information visualization (IDIV) enhances information presentations by providing users with multiple visual representations, active controls, and analytics. Users have greater control over IDIV presentations than standard presentations and as such IDIV becomes a more popular and relevant means of supporting data analytics (DA), as well as augmenting human intellect. Thus, IDIV enables provision of information in a format better suited to users’ decision-making.

Method: Synthesizing past literature, we unpack IDIV characteristics and their influence on decision-making. This study adopts a narrative review method. Our conceptualization of IDIV and the proposed decision-making model are derived from a substantial body of literature from within the information systems (IS) and psychology disciplines.

Results: We propose an IS centered model of IDIV enhanced decision-making incorporating four bases of decision-making (i.e., predictors, moderators, mediators, and outcomes). IDIV is specifically characterized by rich features compared with standard information presentations, therefore, formulating the model is critical to understanding how IDIV affects decision processes, perceptual evaluations, and decision outcomes and quality.

Conclusions: This decision-making model could provide a meaningful frame of reference for further IDIV research and greater specificity in IS theorizing. Overall, we contribute to the systematic description and explanation of IDIV and discuss a potential research agenda for future IDIV research into IS.

Available at: https://aisel.aisnet.org/pajais/vol11/iss4/4/