Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems


Background: Despite increasing popularity of Social capital, the relationship between social capital and ICT often appears to be an ambivalent one. Existing information systems (IS) literature presented various frameworks and theoretical foundations to facilitate the study of this concept, yet several contradictory findings have been reported indicating a significant knowledge gap in this domain. Current research adopts a holistic approach to address this knowledge gap by answering “How does social capital generate value or benefits in an ICT intervention?”

Method: Current research employs a systematic literature review coupled with a grounded theory method to investigate proposed research questions.

Results: Primary contributions of the current research include (1) the identification of contextual relationship between contextual factors and social capital dimensions, and (2) development of a holistic model of social capital driven benefits during ICT intervention where the ‘enablers’ and the ‘drivers’ of benefit have been identified.

Conclusions: Identification of distinct roles and value-drivers related to social capital will help IS researchers in explaining “how and why” benefits are achieved while employing a social capital lens.

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