Journal of Information Systems Education


New technologies are allowing universities and colleges to create remotely accessible, server-based laboratories that support the teaching of server-based software application development. However, the organizational and technical issues associated with implementing these servers often compromise the pedagogical potential of introducing server-based technologies into the classroom. The purpose of this paper is to make an initial assessment of the organizational and technical issues associated with using server-based, remote access computer labs in an academic or IT training environment. Given the investigative nature of this research, a multiple case study method is used including scripted interviews with eighteen leaders in IS education and IT training. An analysis of these cases suggests six categories of issues: (1) organizational issues with lab setup and administration, (2) technical issues with lab setup and administration, (3) cost issues related to faculty, (4) student requirements for the lab, (5) faculty/instructor requirements for the lab, and (6) employer requirements for the lab. We conclude that the major challenge in deploying a remote access computer laboratory is the development of an institutional environment where IT staff and IS faculty work together to design, implement and administer the technologies.



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