ICIS 2022 Proceedings


The conference theme of “Digitization for the next generation” challenges us as a community to look ahead. Although going digital is the new normal, technological advances and fundamental problems in our societies, such as the pandemic and climate, change call for research that takes us to the next generation of digitization. We invite you to join us from December 9-14th in Copenhagen for an in-person discussion on how information systems research can help us leverage opportunities for innovation, tackling grand challenges of our societies, and grappling with the effects of digital transformation. ICIS 2022 will bring bright minds of our community together to engage in forward thinking discussion on how to best contribute to research, business, and the society. While this idea is pertinent to all tracks of ICIS 2022, we would like to highlight the conference theme track that invites forward looking research on digitization for the next generation.

Honorary Conference Chair
Niels Bjørn-Andersen, Ph.D., Copenhagen Business School

Conference Co-Chairs
Roman Beck, Ph.D., IT University of Copenhagen
Stacie Petter, Ph.D., Wake Forest University
Tina Blegind Jensen, Ph.D., Copenhagen Business School

Program Co-Chairs
Tilo Böhmann, Ph.D., University Hamburg
Kai-Lung Hui, Ph.D., Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Viswanath Venkatesh, Ph.D., Virginia Tech University

ISBN 978-1-958200-04-9

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Advances in Methods, Theories, and Philosophy
AI in Business and Society
Blockchain, DLT, and FinTech
Cybersecurity, Privacy and Ethics in AI
Data Analytics for Business and Societal Challenges
Digital and Mobile Commerce
Digital Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and New Business Models
Digital Learning and IS Curricula
Digitization for the Next Generation
General IS Tracks
Governance, Strategy and Value of IS
Human Computer /Robot Interaction
IS and the Future of Work
IS Design, Development, and Project Management
IS Implementation and Adoption
IS in Healthcare
IT Policy and Government
Online Reviews and Recommendations
Professional Development Workshop
Service Science
Sharing Economy, Platforms, and Crowds
Social Media and Digital Collaboration
Societal Impact of Information Systems
User Behavior, Engagement, and Consequences