Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Wireless mobile computing promises to usher in the next major paradigm in personal computing. Handheld computers in particular are truly portable and they are becoming increasingly capable of meeting most users' computing needs. In this paper we outline a vision for deploying wireless mobile computing technology within the realm of professional conferences by creating a Mobile Conference Information System (MCIS). With detailed descriptions of applications and hypothetical usage scenarios, we describe how the system can be used to access conference information, to network people, and enhance common conference services. We also describe several constraints, limitations, and challenges with this concept, and we suggest how these problems can be overcome. In this paper we consolidate many current applications of wireless networked computing into one comprehensive system; we highlight several of the complexities and challenges that apply to any wirelessly mobile information system; and we offer a vision for a valuable platform for future research on the use of mobile technologies. The MCIS will significantly change how conferences are managed and enhance the experiences of the attendees.





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