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In an attempt to provide an on-line payment mechanism for large-dollar cross-border transactions, TradeCard Inc. developed the world's first and only "credit card" for international trade. This case study discusses the major issues surrounding the viability of such a B2B electronic payment architecture. How would TradeCard provide a seamless and secure on-line settlement transaction? Is its platform capable of synchronizing all the databases involved in international transactions yet allowing all companies to use their own tools, operating systems and hardware platforms? How would TradeCard aggregate the disparate services offered by the network of companies involved in international trade? Would it change the mindset of global traders so that they would use its services rather than the traditional off-line settlement methods? The case discusses the critical issues involved in creating an international electronic payment system for cross-border transactions; the impact of new on-line alternative payment mechanisms on international trade payment environment; the systems security requirements for safe electronic payments for B2B e-commerce; and TradeCard's business plan and marketing strategy in building a global e-commerce trading system.





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