Communications of the Association for Information Systems

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E. Burton Swanson: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1602-407X


The changing nature of work in the digital age is much in evidence these days. One newly prominent form, not yet fully understood, is platform-facilitated interactive work, where for individuals undertaking it, the interaction is with others, both people and organizations, mediated by a digital platform. Its nature is explored here in terms of its routine dynamics, where it can be modeled as interwoven paths of actions undertaken to perform tasks, supported by technology attractive of participation, as illustrated by Instacart and its multi-sided platform for grocery shopping, which must attract and retain customers, shoppers, and groceries alike in order to succeed. Such facilitating technology differs in its adoption, use and diffusion from conventional enterprise technology, as it may entail work choices more freely made by participants, reflecting broader dynamics of further importance to its understanding. Several avenues of research that might shed more light on the future of platform-facilitated interactive work are suggested.



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