Communications of the Association for Information Systems

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Michael J. Cuellar: 0000-0002-3981-9625


In this paper, I analyze the proposals made by Carte and associates and find them to be lacking in creating the “immersion” and “presence” needed to create the experience of face-to-face conferences. I offer alternative proposals for conferences using “metaverse” technologies. Various examples of technologies from science fiction and those existing today are examined for fitness for purpose. Then I describe how both full and hybrid conferences can be created using metaverse technologies that provide a more immersive experience with greater presence. The future of academic conferences involves the metaverse. While existing technology is primitive and barely adequate for the purpose, the continuous development of such technology indicates that it will mature and become increasingly effective for creating the conference experience. AIS should take a leadership position in developing the processes and methodology for using this technology for conferences and even in driving the development of the technology.





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