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Michael Milovich Jr.: 0000-0003-2253-5332

Cynthia Riemenschneider: 0000-0002-6932-4439

Iris Reychav: 0000-0001-8963-3776

Heiko Gewald: 0000-0003-2107-2217


As the world’s population continues to live longer, the consideration/inclusion of older adults in mainstream technology development is paramount. Organizations that develop software and hardware for mainstream technology will miss a significant market segment if they fail to consider the aging population. The following questions are addressed in this paper as shared by three academic experts in this research domain. What are the prominent definitions of social inclusion? 2) How do older adults (65 years or older) fit that definition? What are some key interpretations that placed older adults as a socially excluded group in mainstream technology? How have IT vendors included aging adults? And, what are the ways IT vendors have not included aging adults? How do you encourage vendors/software developers to consider cognitive age versus chronological age in new app development? Points of convergence and divergence among the researchers are reported and suggestions for future research addressing the inclusion of older adults in mainstream technology development are provided.





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