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April H. Reed:0000-0002-6435-9026

Mark G. Angolia:0000-0002-0470-9987

Corey Baham:0000-0002-7954-6334

Roseline Igah:0009-0006-0869-3923


Changes in technologies and practitioner approaches to project management have led to a mix known as hybrid. This research identifies approaches practitioners currently use and determines possible influences on how a project manager selects an approach for a project. Four hundred participants completed a survey questionnaire to help identify methodologies in use. Additionally, participants reviewed a list of 39 specific project management tools and techniques to indicate their level of use for each of them. Our findings indicate that few project managers exclusively employ agile methodologies without the incorporation of predictive techniques and tools. Chi-square analysis was used to analyze industry, project manager experience level, and type of project to determine the influence on approach selection. The results showed that industry and type of project were important to selection, but a project manager's level of experience was not. A qualitative analysis identified two additional important factors of company policy and team experience. Overall, the study supported that there is no best approach to managing projects, but hybrid is emerging as a predominant approach to exploit the benefits of multiple approaches. Additionally, the data implies a need for greater support, resources, or education to facilitate the successful implementation and longevity of adaptive project management approaches.





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