Communications of the Association for Information Systems

Author ORCID Identifier

Nastaran Mohammadhossein: 0000-0002-3753-0211

Alexander Richter: 0000-0002-3699-6466

Stephan Lukosch: 0000-0001-7203-2034


Despite its increasing use in various settings, Augmented Reality (AR) technology is still often considered experimental, partly due to a lack of clear understanding of the benefits of using AR. This study systematically reviews research on the use of AR in learning settings. Our analysis of 93 relevant articles offers 21 benefits related to the learning gains and outcomes of using AR. Our study shows that the positive effects of using AR on learners’ motivation and joy have been well-studied, whereas the effects on independent learning, concentration, spontaneous learning, critical thinking, and practical skills have not yet been examined in detail. Beyond classifying and discussing the benefits of using AR in learning settings, we elaborate avenues for future studies. We specifically point to the importance of conducting long-term studies to determine the value of using AR in learning beyond the initial novelty and exploring the integration of AR with other technologies.





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