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Mairead O’Connor: 0000-0001-5066-3038

Kieran Conboy:0000-0001-8260-4075

Denis Dennehy:0000-0001-9931-762X

Noel Carroll:0000-0001-8344-1220


Flow techniques originate from lean thinking and has gained traction as a popular and effective approach to Information System Development (ISD). ISD flow’s key differentiating features include continuous development, event-based scheduling, and an emphasis on speed. Flow metrics such as lead time, cycle time, and touch time are used to measure, understand, and manage the flow of work. However, despite the clear focus on time in ISD flow techniques, both ISD generally and ISD flow research tend to adopt a simplistic 'clock' interpretation of time, neglecting the complex, multi-faceted, and socially embedded nature of temporality. In response, this research applies temporality theory to investigate ISD flow in six global teams, exploring concepts such as event time, synchronization, and temporal perception and personality. The study contributes to research and practice by (i) identifying the temporal characteristics of ISD flow techniques, (ii) identifying challenges associated with these temporal characteristics, (iii) providing recommendations for addressing these temporal challenges, and (iv) developing an extensive roadmap for future research to reduce the current gap in literature and practice. Although the focus is on flow techniques, the insights derived can be adapted and applied to other ISD contexts.



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