Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Millions of educational videos available on YouTube offer unprecedented opportunities for online learning. As it invites open-ended and self-paced exploration of almost any topic, YouTube has emerged as an important platform for informal online learning that occurs outside the formal classroom. A considerable number of studies have been directed toward YouTube educational videos. However, research on learner engagement with YouTube educational videos is limited, despite the central role of engagement in learning and the increasing popularity of YouTube videos in informal online learning. This paper addresses this research gap. We adopt the conceptualization that learner engagement has three dimensions – behavioral, emotional, and cognitive - and investigate how the features of segmenting, signaling, and weeding (SSW), the three multimedia learning principles, in YouTube educational video presentations collectively affect learner engagement in informal online learning. Our analysis shows that different SSW features have various associations with the three dimensions of learner engagement. These findings substantiate the empirical knowledge of learner engagement with YouTube educational videos. Our study corroborates extant video engagement research and extends its relevance to informal learning on social media. It also informs video designers and developers on adding video presentation features to optimize video engagement on social media.





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