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Kapil Kaushik: 0000-0002-7153-0055


SAI Minerals Pvt. Limited (SAI Minerals), a renowned company engaged in mining cement-grade limestone and manufacturing cement in Rajasthan, India, has been grappling with recurring survey reconciliation and safety issues across its mining operations. Additionally, in compliance with new government regulations, they are now required to conduct aerial surveys and submit digital images and survey reports to the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM). SAI Minerals sought a permanent solution to these challenges and approached Garud Survey Private Limited (Garud Survey), a technology-driven surveying agency. SAI Minerals recognized that these issues not only impacted their production but also tarnished the company's reputation in the mining industry due to frequent accidents. Garud Survey recommended that the best approach to address the problem was to make the survey process faster and more accurate, enabling all stakeholders to have a clear and up-to-date view of the operational status. Garud Survey proposed the implementation of cutting-edge technology to identify and address the root cause of the problem. This case further explores the application of system analysis and design to the adoption and implementation of the latest technology in a real-world use case, as well as the challenges associated with managing change.





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