Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Green information systems (green IS) have evolved to encompass a broad scope in organizations that can help to address climate change challenges. The growing complexity of green IS in organizations needs a conceptual framework that can articulate the differing impacts at different levels while taking a holistic and integrated perspective. This research focuses on how to enhance and ensure green IS-driven green performance in organizations from an operant resources hierarchy perspective. A conceptual model is proposed to examine the enhancing role of management support for green initiatives and the ensuring role of information assurance for addressing IS misuse and process automation in the relationship between green IS capability and green performance. The current study tests the effects of management support as composite operant resources and information assurance as interconnected operant resources for green IS capability in enhancing and ensuring organizations’ green performance using a matched dataset of 73 organizations. We illustrate the application of the proposed conceptual model in two real-world scenarios. This study contributes theoretically by illustrating the application of the operant resources hierarchy perspective in green IS research and provides practical action suggestions for organizations to adopt sustainable practices to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13.


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