Communications of the Association for Information Systems

Author ORCID Identifier

Caleb Krieger: 0009-0003-0599-1579

Andy Luse: 0000-0003-1859-4276

Corey Baham: 0000-0002-7954-6334


With an excess of interconnected devices, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies offer an exciting area for information systems researchers; however, the inherently physical nature of IoT makes it difficult to provide hands-on laboratory exercises to remote students. Research suggests that enactive mastery provides the greatest educational improvement to individual self-efficacy, yet not all enactive experiences are the same, certainly not when individuals have no means of accessing materials physically. Through the use of a virtual laboratory and home automation IoT technology, we develop a method to teach IoT in remote settings where students can experience hands-on IoT training in remote settings. We experimentally evaluate the virtual laboratory by comparing student outcomes in a traditional setting using physical materials to those using the virtual laboratory. Results indicate that while student perceptions were lower for students using the virtual laboratory, this virtual laboratory was successful in offering students the means to perform hands-on IoT automation, with these students achieving equivalent performance metrics to those utilizing a traditional physical laboratory.





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