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When we were first invited to write an essay on the use of PLS for CAIS, we wanted to focus on recent developments to help applied IS researchers, and the CAIS community of authors, reviewers, and editors make use of the latest research on and methodological advances in PLS. Recognizing that Information Systems is arguably the discipline in which the use of PLS as an alternative to CB-SEM originated and is most widely used, we realized that, pragmatically, our essay must focus on how to use PLS, not whether to use PLS.

We received six interesting responses from researchers active in the PLS community. Their thoughts on our presentation of recent developments in PLS show very different perspectives with many points of difference amongst points of agreement in all the responses. In this rejoinder, we briefly respond to the received comments, clarify our position and ideas, and identify points of agreement (and disagreement). We emphasize that none of the responses give us cause to revise or eliminate our recommendations in recent developments.

Overall, we believe this discussion on PLS to be valuable in advancing the use of PLS in Information Systems, which is, as we show in this rejoinder, an urgent issue.





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