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AgriMitr was a tech-savvy start-up situated in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India. It was a subsidiary of KnowThyData (KTD), a Data Science and Analytics firm, a leading data science firm providing myriad solutions to many clients. AgriMitr was established by the founder and CEO of KTD, Dr. Jishu Bose, to develop products using satellite imagery and data science. AgriMitr developed a mobile and web application that helped farmers and other key stakeholders understand crop health, soil fertility and other critical factors related to agriculture by machine learning algorithms using satellite images. The app was a major leap of innovation in the Indian Agri-Tech space. The app was to be used majorly by farmers based in rural India, and thus the major challenge lay in spreading awareness, adoption, and usage of the app. The app, if appropriately deployed, would be an imminent milestone in sustainable food production and consumption and can aid in taking a step forward in solving the world hunger problem, an SDG of the UN. Dr. Bose was planning the strategy for AgriMitr’s mass adoption and implementation with the help of Mr. Madhav A. Ram. The much-awaited meeting with investors and key stakeholders was just one week away. Madhav, under the guidance of Dr. Bose, had to prepare a roadmap and his game plan for the next year to bring this wave of change and large-scale digital adoption among the farmers of India.





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