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Gnosis Freight employs low-code/no-code development tools to provide container visibility information for shippers. The context for this particular case includes the U.S. supply chains that are still reeling from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Shipping costs have sky-rocketed with shippers facing huge uncertainties as shipments are marooned on container ships or in container port yards. Accustomed to reliable pick-up and delivery forecasts at reasonable rates, supply chains find themselves burdened with unreliable delivery forecasts or the inability to track shipments. Gnosis Freight, by combining data from several sources, provides logistics and transportation managers with near real-time information on their shipments. Gnosis solutions engineers, armed with low-code and no-code development tools, are able to quickly install customer-tailored container visibility portals with little adverse effects on the customer’s existing work processes and data flows. The implementation speed of these edge development tools provides Gnosis Freight with a strategic advantage over competitive offerings that require major changes in a customer’s supply chain operations. But the company also faces issues with its own data supplier, giving students a specific "make vs buy" problem to analyze.





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