Communications of the Association for Information Systems


This paper represents the Phase II report of the Management Curriculum for the Digital Era (MaCuDE) disciplinary task force on information systems (IS). Aligned with the current work of the AIS (Association for Information Systems) and ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), we focus on the current and future industry driven educational needs and requirements posed by big data analytics (BDA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and related innovations. In this report, we probe and report on the views of industry leaders regarding BDA/AI education needs. We conducted 18 rich semi-structured interviews with a representative sample of industry leaders situated around key changes and issues related to workforce demands in digital transformation and associated educational needs. We performed a grounded theory based analysis of key themes in reported education needs. We note the shifting meaning of AI and BDA phenomena and identify three main organizational level needs for the digital era - capability improvement and transformation, decision-making strategies and tactics, and changes in operations or products - and connect them to three individual professional competencies necessary to deliver them: fundamental environmental competencies, data information and content, and system design competencies. Based on the analysis we outline several novel competency-based IS curriculum recommendations for the master's and undergraduate level IS education.





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