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Devnagar Cooperative Society (DCS), a well-known cooperative of Alphonso mango producers located at Ratnagiri, India, was facing a recurring export ban on mangoes. As exports formed the bulk of its sales, mango producers were suffering. DCS wanted to find a permanent solution and approached Prestige Management Consulting (PMC), a global consulting giant. DCS felt they had to pay the price for someone else's lapses regarding the blanket export ban. PMC recommended that the best way to solve the problem was to make the mango supply chain transparent so that all the stakeholders would have a clear view of all the transactions. PMC had suggested the implementation of cutting-edge technology to trace back and find the root cause of the problem. The case furthers the discussion regarding system analysis and designing a cutting edge technology application to a use case, technology adoption, implementation, and the challenges of managing change.





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