Communications of the Association for Information Systems


There has been a growing concern about crises such as natural disasters and epidemics that cause severe damage to the society and economy. For effective management of such crises, agility has been discussed as a vital capability to enable the responding organizations to react to the crises with speed and flexibility. Although IT has received great attention as a media and infrastructure during crises, our understanding of the role of IT in agile crisis management remains very limited. To fill this gap, we first conducted a systematic literature review on the role of IT in crises. We identified a total of 11,390 published journal articles relevant to natural disasters and epidemics during the last 20 years using text mining techniques and analyzed which categories of IT have been used in crisis management and how their relative importance has evolved. Next, based on the conceptual foundation built through our literature review and the theoretical perspective of agility, we propose a framework of IT-enable agile crisis management that conceptualizes how various information technologies facilitate the agile crisis management processes. Based on our systematic literature review and the theoretical development, this study suggests future research directions and approaches to IS literature.





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