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Prime DataTech Pvt. Ltd (PDPL) was a US-based company, with its Indian headquarters in Bengaluru. The company provided database management systems, web development, cloud computing, and security services. PDPL recently won a major Fortune 50 client for its ERP system implementation and was looking for recruiting employees who would fit the role of consultants and managers. However, Jeffery Gladwell, CEO, PDPL, was concerned about the tendency of prospective candidates to accept an offer and not join the organization. Therefore, he wanted to apply HR analytics to solve this problem. He instructed Aishwarya Verma to prepare a recruitment strategy under the supervision of the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) Vaidya. Having only a week to deliver results, Verma was tasked with the big responsibility of deriving insights from HR recruitment databases and thereby developing a predictive model, which could envisage the joining status of a candidate.





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