Communications of the Association for Information Systems


The field of Information systems (IS) is dynamic and rapidly changing due to technology innovation and emerging technologies. The changing nature of this field poses a significant challenge for educators trying to stay up to date in their preparation of future technology leaders. Despite this challenge, the IS2020 model curriculum, as well as organizational leaders, are calling on IS educators to find ways to develop and deliver student competencies related to innovation and emerging technologies to meet the needs of the IS workforce. Therefore, the goal of this paper is to present a plan for the teaching and learning of these topics within an IS program. This paper outlines a framework for course delivery based on foundational topics that can be utilized for mastering the technology innovation challenge in the classroom and be adapted in response to the changing nature of the discipline. The course plan focuses on theoretical foundations and connects with practice for exploring the application of concepts so students can be introduced to what is really happening in relation to technology in business and the discipline of IS. The course model was tested in-person and online and can be adapted depending on university schedules and teaching modalities.





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