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Surveilling the SnackKids: Street Entrepreneurship Meets a Neighborhood App


Neighborhood apps are an increasingly popular tool for neighborhood residents to stay informed about a wide variety of activities within their local communities. Despite the many benefits of neighborhood apps, there have been claims that these apps may inadvertently lead to increases in surveillance for residents who are members of marginalized communities. This teaching case details resident interactions on a neighborhood app regarding children engaged in the act of selling snacks on the streets in the large, fictional US metropolis of Clearview. The city of Clearview initially supports a technology-based solution that addresses the complex concerns of residents and ensures the child street entrepreneurs are regulatory compliant. However, a counter-group soon forms concerned with how the development and implementation of a technology-based solution may introduce several unforeseen surveillance and privacy paradoxes for both the children and residents alike. In this teaching case, students will discuss arguments for or against using a technology-based solution and then offer their recommendations for a comprehensive solution to the issues raised in the case.


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