Communications of the Association for Information Systems


This paper represents a report on the first phase of the Management Curriculum for the Digital Era (MaCuDE) disciplinary task force on information systems (IS). As its final goal, the MaCuDE project intends to recommend changes to business curricula based on the influence of digital technologies on business transformation, specifically, the widespread use of big data analytics (BDA) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the organizations. In this report, we focus on describing the current status of both undergraduate and graduate IS curricula in business schools. Aligned with the most recent curriculum development work that the Association for Information Systems (AIS) and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) have conducted, we highlight the growing importance of the BDA and AI topic areas in IS curricula. Based on the MaCuDE project survey conducted in early 2020, we summarize the core digital topics and tools that the programs covered based on a sample of global IS departments from 17 undergraduate programs and 23 graduate programs.





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