Communications of the Association for Information Systems


With cloud and mobile computing, information systems (IS) have evolved towards mass-market services. While IS success requires user involvement, the IS discipline lacks methods that allow organizations to integrate the “voice of the customer” into mass-market services with individual and dispersed users. Conjoint analysis (CA), from marketing research, provides insights into user preferences and measures user trade-offs for multiple product features simultaneously. While CA has gained popularity in the IS domain, existing studies have mostly been one-time efforts, which has resulted in little knowledge accumulation about CA’s applications in IS. We argue that CA could have a significant impact on IS research (and practice) if this method was further developed and adopted for IS application areas. From reviewing 70 CA studies published between 1999 and 2019 in the IS discipline, we found that CA supports in initially conceptualizing, iteratively designing, and evaluating IS and their business models. We critically assess the methodological choices along the CA procedure to provide recommendations and guidance on “how” to leverage CA techniques in future IS research. We then synthesize our findings into a framework for conjoint analysis studies in IS that outlines “where” researchers and practitioners can apply CA along the IS lifecycle.





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