Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Rapid advances in information and communication technologies present a challenge to information systems (IS) professors. Not only do these advances frequently make course materials out of date, but also IS professors may struggle to stay current with popular technology applications. In a sense, these forces lead to a paradox that students may be more techno-savvy than their professors (at least in certain areas). Furthermore, students may feel frustrated when techno-savvy professors cannot efficiently teach them in learning technologies. In this paper, we synthesize the panel titled “The Elephant in the Classroom: Do Information Systems Professors Need to be more Techno-Savvy than Students?” at the 55th ACM SIGMIS Computer and People Research Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Thomas Ferratt, Michael Gallivan, Yaojie Li, Thomas Stafford, Mary Sumner, and Crag Van Slyke served as panelists. We use their discussion to develop techno-savviness as a construct in the IS education context and to describe distinct types of techno-savviness.





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