Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Digital learning platforms (DLPs) have emerged as highly effective tools to meet contemporary organizations’ learning and knowledge-creation needs. Advanced information and communication technologies (ICT) embedded in these platforms create mobile learning workspaces that deliver ubiquitous yet targeted learning experiences. Scholars have shown a keen interest in assessing the success of DLPs, but most studies have examined only a specific aspect of DLP success. Current findings also show inconsistencies and contradictions that confound our understanding of this important topic. As a result, an integrated and accurate understanding of DLP success is missing. In this paper, we adopt rigorous meta-analytic procedures to consolidate extant findings and reconcile inconsistencies in our understanding of DLP success. Additionally, we extend our meta-analyses to investigate the contingency effects of two moderating variables—user context and cultural context. The results provide a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of DLP success. Our study contributes to the literature by extending the theory on DLPs and information systems (IS) success and by providing insightful recommendations for practitioners.





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