Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Management information systems (MIS) is typically not the most popular major for students in business administration because, for one, incoming undergraduate business students are often unaware of what studying MIS entails and what career opportunities await those who choose this major. Another major with similar problems is operations and supply management (OPS). Whereas incoming students have some preconceived notion of what the marketing or finance field is about, they tend to be left in the fog when it comes to having a corresponding idea about MIS and OPS. In this paper, we describe the approach we have taken to remedy this situation at our university. Essentially, we developed short, “painless”, enjoyable, one-credit pass/fail courses made available to students pursuing a BS degree in business administration who have yet to decide on a specific major (concentration). After four years, the courses have proven to be remarkably successful. We describe our approach to help not only other MIS and OPS programs but also other fields seeking to help students make good major/career choices.