Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Are we in bed with seductive information technologies? And what have we begat? This panel, delivered at AMCIS in Auckland on 8 December 2014, resulted in thought-provoking dialog that generated critical reflection on several themes linking technology and practical wisdom that aligned with the conference theme “Integral IS: The Embedding of Information Systems in Business, Government and Society”. The panel found common ground, although each author began from a different starting position. The common ground was that neither utopian nor dystopian stances on the value of technology achieve much practical value. Instead, perennial universal insights of wisdom viewed in a contemporary, practical, and scientific context may provide a path in technology research, design, management, and use. We believe the topics addressed during the panel session, which we summarize in this paper, are vital and relevant to the information systems field as a whole. The panel’s deliberations hold importance for academics and practitioners alike and have implications that extend to individuals, organizations, and society at large.