Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Strategic information system planning (SISP), including aligning business and IS/IT strategies, has been the conventional wisdom known for decades to academics and practitioners. Since the 1980s, many tools and models have been developed to facilitate strategic information system planning and implementation. These are development processes that define a set of steps for SISP or approaches that facilitate part of the SISP process. This article employs a systematic review approach and starts with a search of 2730 papers in nine top-ranked scientific databases. After an in-depth study of these papers, a final set of 85 studies is retrieved that focus directly on SISP development. We use this final set of papers to compare the steps proposed in different processes and the relevant approaches for each step. Additionally, an in-depth analysis of development processes has produced a generic seven-phase framework covering activities introduced in the literature. These seven phases are: initiation, business analysis, IS/IT analysis, strategy formulation, portfolio planning, implementation, and evaluation. The paper also classifies approaches that facilitate SISP and concludes with recommendations for practitioners and researchers.