Communications of the Association for Information Systems


This article is intended to address three of the issues raised by Hassan (2014) in his essay: “Value of Information Systems (IS) Research: Is there a Crisis?”. The three issues addressed here pertain to: (1) the desirability and nature of an IS core; (2) the relative social value in the study of IS whether narrowly or broadly defined; and (3) indicators of better research. Regarding the core, an argument for a narrow definition of the core is proposed with the view of providing a target for retention of central issues in IS rather than as a defining characteristic of what is necessary for inclusion in the IS portfolio. The meaning of social value will naturally and beneficially vary among the large number of IS scholars. It is of importance to recognize and stimulate, without mandating, efforts to bridge traditional IS concerns and broader social issues. The various criteria for evaluating value in IS, or any other research domain, are challenged with counter examples. Finally, suggestions for moving forward are presented.