Communications of the Association for Information Systems


This paper investigates two actors in IT recruitment: IT job seekers and IT employers. Signaling theory and image theory inform this research. Signaling theory suggests that there are unique groups of IT job seekers and IT employers. Image theory explains the implications of groups of IT job seekers’ have images of firms. Based on a closet qualitative study, we identify three images that IT job seekers use to classify employers: IT consulting firms, IT vendors, and non-IT-oriented firms that require in-house IT workers. To evaluate these images, we conduct two studies. Study 1 evaluates job seekers. Analysis of data collected from 491 entry-level IT job seekers suggests that unique groups of IT job seekers exist that possess distinct preferences for IT employers, firm and job characteristics as well as report different levels of preparatory job search activity. Study 2 focuses on the IT employers’ perspective. We segment IT employers based on the IT job seekers' images. Results from a survey of 412 firm recruiters indicate that IT employers do not prefer different types of IT job applicants or engage in significantly different recruitment activities. Taken together, our studies provide a rich understanding of how IT job seekers view employers and how employers view job seekers.





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