Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Despite growing interest and attention from Information Technology researchers and practitioners, empirical research on factors that influence an organization’s likelihood of adoption of Web services has been limited. This study reports an empirical analysis of survey data to identify the influencing factors and demographic characteristics related to Web services adoption intention—based on whether to adopt and when to adopt Web services—from the perspective of 129 South Korean firms. The survey questionnaire respondents were an individual in each firm who typically advised the key person who would be making the decision to adopt Web services technology. The determining factors of Web services adoption were identified from both in-depth interviews with Web services experts and a literature review. The questionnaire was pretested with a pilot survey of seventy-four South Korean firms. Logistic regression was the main statistical analysis method, and the test showed significant correlation between some factors and whether to adopt. Important factors are business benefit driver (BBD), readiness (RD), and trust (TRUST).





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