Communications of the Association for Information Systems


Recently, RFID has emerged to be a promising technology to revolutionize the supply chain and logistics management. Currently there exists a sharp contrast between retailers in China and their counterparts in the United States with respect for RFID adoption. In the United States, big retailers like Wal-Mart are actively pursuing RFID by issuing mandates to their suppliers worldwide for RFID adoption. However, retailers in China never enjoy such a dominating role in pursuing RFID. To explore what is behind this phenomenon, in this paper, an analysis framework is proposed to develop decision support tools for RFID technology adoption analysis in retailers in China. The framework is realized in a service platform developed based on three principles to help reach mutual understanding between RFID vendors and customers in RFID technology adoption analysis. The framework is illustrated and validated through an example to demonstrate its feasibility to help to analyze the adoption of RFID technologies retailers in China. The technology analysis service platform integrates various tools enabling interactive and flexible analysis processes to understand how RFID technology can be adopted and used effectively in retailers in China and in logistics and supply chain management.